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Autoclave Machine

As autoclaves are machines that are used to sterilize medical and laboratory equipments, it is critical, that the autoclaves undergo regular servicing and maintenance.


ETO Machine

The ETO equipment is a highly effective device for sterilizing medical instruments. The water ring rotational pumps are intended to keep the ETO percentage in the chamber at an optimal level.


Hot Air Ovens

Hot air ovens employ intense heat over a long period of time to kill germs and microbes. Semiconducting sterilization ovens heat the exposed surface of the object, which removes heat and transfers it to the core of the material.


Ultra Sonic Machine

Ultrasonic cleaning scrubs the surface of submerged objects with high-frequency sound waves conveyed through the fluid. Elevated noise waves, generally at 40 kHz.


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Sree Ganesh Enterprises has vowed to assist in providing the best services to your Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, and Hospital Equipment such as steam sterilizer/autoclaves, industrial steam sterilizers, hospital autoclaves, and so on. Rest assured that servicing and repair of your sterilizing equipment are only a phone call away, and we guarantee a delightful user engagement. Sree Ganesh Enterprises is one of the most sophisticated and trustworthy enterprises that has claimed its place all the way up to Karnataka and has served some of the most respectable clientele. We have been one of the most preferred medical and sterilization equipment-related service firms, assisting many hospitals and laboratories to keep their operations running smoothly even when problems with their sterilization and autoclave machines emerged.

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